Public Image - Painting the City


PUBLIC IMAGE - Painting The City
Inner City Tilburg

Public Image was a group project that sought to investigate the impact of the painted image and - by extension - collage in public space after the first half of the first decade. The public image in the Netherlands is almost exclusively commercial in nature and this dominance is only increasing in number and size. A tradition of publicly painted images (murals) is virtually absent. At a time when painting is once again in the spotlight, it is no surprise that a growing number of artists are increasingly abandoning the canvas and occupying entire walls and floors.

Public Image wanted to investigate to what extent there is a stage for such artists outside the museum and gallery and what the importance and impact of the painted image is in public space.
Fundament consciously wanted to involve a number of artists in this project, who have a lot of experience with the painted image in public space, but who, despite their increasing museum experience, are still predominantly regarded as members of the subculture where their careers began, who of the graffiti.

For Public Image, ten artists were commissioned to create a painting/collage on existing walls in the city center of Tilburg. Public Image literally brought painting out into the open and incorporated it into the city in an urban design manner.

Participating artists:

Franz Ackermann (DE)
Koen Delaere (BE/NL)
Jessica Diamond (US)
Dzine (US)
Benjamin Edwards (US)
Hadassah Emmerich (NL)
Erik van Lieshout (NL)
Huub van der Loo (NL)
Fabian Marcaccio (AR)
Jean-Luc Moerman (BE)
osgemeos (BR)

56 pages, 28 pages full colour
Texts: NL/EN
Publisher: Fundament Foundation
ISBN: 9081006029

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