Brief Encounters '21

2 event sculptures

As a consequence of the pandemic, only two event sculptures are planned for 2021. Both event sculptures indirectly address aspects related to Covid-19, although they were not conceived as such. These event sculptures will not take place earlier than in September, due to the unforeseen continuation of the measures against the coronavirus.

Participating artists:

Malin Bülow (SE)
David Rickard (NZ)

Curators: Chris Driessen & Steven Vandervelden (director STUK and Playground, Louvain (BE))

Early bird tickets with discount are available until 18 June.

Malin Bülow - Firkanta elastisitet - Skulptur i spenn (2017)

Malin Bülow - Firkanta elastisitet - Skulptur i spenn (2017)

Malin Bülow - Firkanta elastisitet - Skulptur i spenn (2017)

Malin Bülow - sketch for Strained Resilience (2021) - Brief Encounters

David Rickard - Exhaust (2011)

David Rickard - Exhaust (2011)

David Rickard - Exhaust (2011)

David Rickard - mock-up of Exhaust (2021) Brief Encounters

Malin Bülow (b. Sweden, 1979, lives and works in Oslo) mixes performance art and installation. In her elastic, contemporary works, she uses dancers clad head to toe in Lycra body stockings to create tension and movement throughout the designated space.

Specially for Brief Encounters, she has conceived the work Strained Resilience. “The installation I am planning for Brief Encounters is a long textile wall, consisting of two sides made up of semi-transparent elastic Lycra attached to a stainless-steel skeleton that runs along one of the long avenues of beech trees. In cooperation with five dancers, I want to create a borderless zone where inside and outside merge and where the giant mutual porous membrane structure seems to dissolve as the performers press their bodies – skin, limbs, extremities and facial features – against the membrane in acts meant to create an overall meditative elongated landscape."

David Rickard (b. NZ, 1975, lives and works in London) will be performing the poetic and exhausting 24-hour work Exhaust (2011–2021) in a natural setting for the first time.
On Saturday 4 September at 4pm, the artist will sit on a chair among the trees and ferns of De Oude Warande and, for a period of 24 hours, use an oxygen mask to collect all the air he exhales in an ever-expanding installation of aluminium foil balloons. Depending on the moment when visitors enter the park, they will find a differently sized silver tower piling up above and behind the artist and gently swaying in the wind. The balloons contain the air that is needed for our daily survival. According to scientists, adult males inhale and exhale roughly 11 litres of air a day. At the same time, the balloons literally show the space that we consume every day simply by living.

The public will be invited to view this changing work on both 4 and 5 September.

The two event sculptures by Bülow and Rickard, thematically closely connected in their investigation of the contents of the body while at the same time strongly contrasting in their specific concepts, form, colour and tempo, are ideally suited for visitors to move between the two; fifteen minutes of Exhaust, then half an hour of Strained Resilience, and then back for another look at the fascinating, inexhaustible process of exhalation, while making sure not to miss the conclusion of this strange but extremely aesthetic and monumental interaction between humans and material. The combination of these two event sculptures will be both breathtaking and spectacular.

David Rickard’s work will start on Saturday 4 September, while the work of Malin Bülow will be performed only on Sunday 5 September.