Tales of the Tip - Art on Garbage


Former landfill Bavel, Breda

The starting point for Tales of the Tip - Art On Garbage was the question of what visual art and architecture can contribute to the spatial future of former garbage dumps. After all, planners do not seem inclined to opt for a creative repurposing of these hills until now. The participating artists and architects have conducted studies into the possibilities and impossibilities of creative spatial solutions. Not every proposal is immediately applicable, but all proposals represent alternative mindsets, which will undoubtedly lead to a more open and lively discussion about creative destinations for waste heaps.

Participating artists

Acconci Studio (US)
Biefer/Zgraggen (CH)
Maurizio Cattelan & Frazione Di Tempo (IT/US)
Chen Zhen (CN)
Suchan Kinoshita (JP)
Job Koelewijn (NL)
Aernout Mik (NL)
Hervé Paraponaris (FR)
Berend Strik & One Architecture (NL)

Tales of the Tip has 130 pages
Publisher: Fundament Foundation
Distribution: Idea Books, Amsterdam
ISBN: 90-805011-1-5

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