Space - Now and Then


SPACE - Now and Then
28.08 – 23.10.2005
AaBe Fabrieken, Tilburg

SPACE – now and then was an exhibition about the relationship between visual art and architecture. The exhibition arose directly from the zoning issue with regard to the location where the exhibition took place, the former AaBe Deken and Wol factories in Tilburg.

The renewed attention for the relationship between architecture and the visual arts does not focus exclusively on formal aspects, but foremost on social and psychological aspects of existing architecture, whether this concerns the private domain or the existing urban buildings. The oeuvre of Gordon Matta-Clark (1943-1978) is a great source of inspiration in this regard.

SPACE – now and then was an exhibition which focussed on the relationship between visual art and architecture from different angles. As in Matta-Clark's body of work, this exhibition addressed social, psychological and formal artistic issues of the relationship between visual art and architecture, where art interacted with the specific architecture of the location.

Participating artists
For SPACE – now and then, 9 artists were invited to create a new, site-specific work, or to present a relevant existing work, which entered into a specific relationship with the spaces of the AaBe Factories.

Monica Bonvicini (IT)
Loris Cecchini (IT)
Jeroen Doorenweerd (NL)
Antony Gormley (UK)
Marja Kanervo (FN)
Lawrence Malstaf (BE)
Gregor Schneider (DE)
Els Vanden Meersch (BE)
Winter / Hörbelt (DE)

48 pages, 24 full color photos of the location and the artworks in situ
5 black and white photos
Texts are in English and Dutch
Publisher: Fundament Foundation
ISBN: 9081006010

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