a pavilion for De Oude Warande
Callum Morton

In 2007 Fundament Foundation, then the name of the foundation, commissioned Callum Morton to design a pavilion for De Oude Warande. If the Baroque design of the garden was to be respected, it had to be at the central point of the park, the only spot from where the star-shaped pattern of the paths can be seen. However, a pavilion in this position would destroy the view of the star design. This presented Morton with a dilemma, which he resolved in a way that was both simple and ingenious: he designed an invisible pavilion: Grotto.

On the occasion of the realisation of Grotto Fundament Foundation published a book with the same title. Besides an introduction by curator Chris Driessen, architecture critic Hans Ibelings wrote an essay, which places Grotto in the context of Modernist architecture and in the tradition of grotto designs.

Next to photographs by Callum Morton, art photographer Dirk Pauwels (Gent), architecture photographer Roel Baquart (Amsterdam) and photographer Marsel Loermans (Den Haag) were commissioned to document the pavilion.

Grotto has 40 pages, out of which 26 only photographs, mainly spreads. Texts are in Dutch and English. The publication is bound and has a hard-cover.

Pubisher: Fundament Foundation
Distributor: Idea Books
ISBN/EAN 978-90-810060-5-7

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