Another Long March - Chinese Conceptual and Installation Art in the Nineties


ANOTHER LONG MARCH - Chinese Conceptual and Installation Art in the Nineties

Another Long March - Chinese Conceptual Art 1997 was an exhibition of contemporary Chinese art held in Breda, Netherlands in 1997. It was the first big survey of conceptual art and installation art from China in the West, presenting eighteen artists from leading Chinese art centres: Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Guangzhou. The exhibition included video art, photography, installation art and performance art. The works dealt with various themes, including the transformation of the Chinese society in the 1990s, feminism, voyeurism and nudity in art.

The exhibition was curated by Chris Driessen and Marianne Brouwer (chief curator sculpture Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo) and took place at the Chassé Kazerne in Breda, Netherlands. In curating the exhibition, Driessen and Brouwer intended to broaden the understanding of Chinese contemporary art beyond the painting styles Cynical Realism and Political Pop, which had gained international popularity in the 1990s.

Participating artists

CHEN Shaoxiong / 陳劭雄
CHEN Yanyin / 陳妍音
FENG Mengbo / 馮夢波
GENG Jianyi / 耿建翌
GU Dexin / 顧德新
LI Yongbin / 李永斌
LIANG Juhui / 梁鉅輝
LIN Tianmiao / 林天苗
LIN Yilin / 林一林
LIU Xinhua / 劉新華
MA Liuming / 馬六明
WANG Jianwei / 汪建偉
WANG Youshen / 王友身
XU Tan / 徐坦
YIN Xiuzhen / 尹秀珍
ZHANG Peili / 張培力

Besides essays by curators Marianne Brouwer and Chris Driessen, Chinese art historians and curators Fei Dawei, Hou Hanru and Tang Di, the publication also contains a reference section for information regarding artists' biographies and addresses, critics and curators, art magazines, exhibition spaces in China, art academies, exhibitions in and outside China by Heidi van Mierlo and Tang Di.

This publication, edited by Chris Driessen and Heidi van Mierlo, and issued in an edition of 1,000 copies, is sold out.

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