press on Eartheaters

exhibition 2023

Brabants Dagblad, AD, Eindhovens Dagblad, BNdeStem, De Gelderlander, 23 and 27 August 2023

Terrifying visions populate Lustwarande.......Artificial and organic elements melt together and create an astonishing visual poetry.

Museumtijdschrift, 6 September 2023

The fact that these works evoke a sense of fear of irreversible damage to nature says something about man's legacy on our planet.

Brabant Cultureel, 8 September 2023

Artists storm the sky.

Let's Talk About Art, 16 September 2023

Although it is not surprising that the seriousness of the theme results in art works that request an inquisitive and intellectual approach from the viewer, the artists all leave room to engage with the hybrid and futuristic-like sculptures on a personal level and with a more lighthearted touch. Once again Lustwarande lives up to its expectations. Don't miss it!

Metropolis M, 12 October 2023

I can only call the thirteenth edition of Lustwarande a success and the reason for that is simple: I walk outside in the sun, hear the birds singing, the rustling of the wind and I look at works of art that make me reflect on the world in which I live.

Visitors during the opening of Eartheaters - photography Maarten Nauw