Nick Steur (NL)

FREEZE, reflections

Nick Steur - FREEZE reflections (26-05-2018)
Brief Encounters '18
Photography Gert Jan van Rooij

Nick Steur (b. 1982, Nijmegen, lives and works in Maastricht) always seeks out in his work the near-impossibility of defying natural forces, solely through the use of his own muscle power and extreme concentration and precision. He usually carries out his art projects in the public space, with natural materials such as stone, sand and water. Steur studied at the Toneelschool (institute of performative arts) in Maastricht and his work lies at the interface of visual and performing arts. The process, in the presence of the public, is at least as important to him as the result.

For Brief Encounters Steur conceived a new version of the work FREEZE, which he has realized in different ways since 2012. His original plan to allow two boulders of 50 to 70 cm height to be balanced in the pool in De Oude Warande could ultimately not be realised due to the current exceptionally high water level. In his new proposal Steur made use of this high water level. In the Romantic looking pool, the result of 19th century sand excavation for the production of cement, Steur arranged, in a two hours lasting performance, six stackings of Carrara marble stones and moonstones in a circular composition, each stone some twenty to forty centimeters high. The stackings seemed to float on the water surface. The audience was hypnotized.

Nick Steur