DAY Collective (PL/RU)

DAY Collective - Tête-a-Tête Triptych (2021) photography Gert Jan van Rooij

DAY Collective is an artistic duo consisting of Dorota Radzimirska (PL, 1985) and Yulia Ratman (RU, 1988), both based in Amsterdam. Their works are conceptual and span multiple media, including performance, sculpture, drawing, video and photo pieces. DAY’s work deals with relations between people as well as between people and their environment in modern societies, characterised by lack of trust, categorisation, alienation, disconnection from nature and from ourselves.

Tête-a-Tête Triptych is a participatory performance, during which 5 participants and 2 artists (DAY Collective) converse through drawing on themselves, using their own skin as a medium for a dialogue. Means of communication: eco-cosmetic pencils. There is only one rule: no talking. Within Tête-à-Tête Triptych new modes of language, based on intuition, silence, imagination, and inclusion, unfold.
The performance is set up for three different contexts: online, art space and public space. At Brief Encounters ‘21 DAY finished their triptych with a performance in public space. Silence will prevail.

Tête-a-Tête Triptych was made possible with financial support of the Mondriaan Fund.